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Fireweed Trail

Fireweed TrailAn Amazon-exclusive KindleWorlds tale, set in Toby Neal’s Lei Crime Series world.

Before she was a detective…

Troubled teen Leilani Texeira is on the edge of self-destruction. As a last-ditch effort to reach her, Auntie sends her to the Fireweed Trail program, a wilderness therapy hike down the Oregon Coast Trail. Things go well until a fellow hiker turns up dead.

Now she’s a murder suspect.

Damaged and fragile, Lei is pushed from inaction to one of the most harrowing adventures in her young life. Miles from civilization and help, she only has her own strength and determination to save herself from of a killer’s wrath.

And instead of hiking, she’s running for her life.

Lei Crime Series: Fireweed Trail is suspense novella consisting of nearly 16,000 words, and runs over 66 pages in length.

Fireweed Trail
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