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I’m back… and SPOILED ROTTEN!

C-Cover-2500I know, I know, I’ve been quiet for quite a while. Hey, back on June 5, I had a stroke that nearly killed me. Now, I’m back, m’kay?

And there’s MORE good news… I have something NEW coming out soon, and it’s gonna be affordable, too!

Go here for your preorder info.

Here’s what I shared on Facebook about it:

Hey all… good news! I am now in pre-order mode on Amazon for SPOILED ROTTEN, the updated and revised edition of the trilogy of titles I released in 2014 or so, as the still-available standalone titles, SPOILED, ROTTEN, and RIPE, This new edition is mildly revised to correct some errors that slipped out in 2014, but does feature a new Author’s Note and a brand-new premium cover by Victorine Lieske.

The preorder price will be only $0.99 during the preorder period, which should begin on Tuesday, March 28, and run through it official release date of Friday, April 8. For you, my loyal fans and readers (some of whom may have bought the original trilogy, I’ll be keeping the super-low price of $0.99 USD through the month of April, at least. Some time after April, the eBook price will rise to a new-normal level of $2.99 USD, which is still super-low, compared to the $5.96 USD price of the three original books, bought separately. Yes, print fans, there is also a paper version in production that is expected to debut at only $10.99 USD.

Also, visit my author web site here and learn how to join my First Screams Team, and I’ll personally send you a free copy of SPOILED ROTTEN as a thank-you (offer valid to new members). Don’t be afraid to be the first to scream for me!

Cover Reveal for Fireweed Trail

Fireweed TrailVictorine Lieske of Blue Valley Author Services has provided yet another masterpiece for my upcoming KindleWorlds short, Fireweed Trail.

Set in the forthcoming Lei Crime World created by novelist Toby Neal, Fireweed Trail is a brief but action-packed adventure of the teenaged Lei Texeira, long before she became a law enforcement officer on her way to being a police detective. In Neal’s first Lei Crime novel, Blood Orchids, we learned Lei had a rough childhood that included adolescent molestation, a mother who died by overdose, and having to be raised outside of Hawaii, in California, by her aunt.

In Blood Orchids, when encountering one of the early victims in that novel whom Lei had had contact with prior to the character’s death, Lei described herself has having been on the same dangerous path at one point in her own troubled teen years.

Fireweed Trail is a glimpse into those troubled years. Not yet the balanced, driven police detective she will eventually grow into, Lei finds herself sent by her Auntie Rosario to a hiking-and-therapy group for a wilderness adventure. But when one of the group turns up missing, and later dead, she is propelled into an adventure filled with danger, suspense, and anything but a peaceful, therapeutic experience.

Look for Fireweed Trail by Craig Hansen, a KindleWorlds short brought to you exclusively on Amazon, coming in April.

Kindle Countdown Deal on The Woodsman!

The WoodsmanIf you live in the US or UK, you can temporarily get The Woodsman at a new, lower price! I’m running a Kindle Countdown Deal in both territories.

Over on the US site, The Woodsman is only $0.99 right now, and then will move in a few days to $1.99 before returning to its regular price of $3.99.

Meanwhile, over on the UK site, for the next week The Woodsman will be only £0.99 until it returns to its regularly-listed price of £2.52.

To the rest of the world: I’d have loved to offer a similar Countdown Deal to you, but currently this is a promotion Amazon only makes available in these two territories. Please continue to consider picking up The Woodsman in your territory! It’s a great, creepy Halloween read, whether it’s still Halloween or not!

Nice Girl Like You is released!
Most Likely available in time for holiday season!


It’s here, people! In time for the winter holidays!

The audiobook version of Most Likely, read by talented voiceover artist Jennifer Harvey, can be found here on Amazon and on as well.

I’m told it’s also on, but I don’t know how to link to that, so you’ll have to fire up iTunes and search for me by name and book title there. Get yours now: Jennifer’s performance is outstanding!

New short story released!

The Devohrah Initiative

The cover of The Devohrah Initiative was designed by Craig Hansen. It used an image © Wimpos—Licensed through

Hey all.

I’m proud to announce the release of my latest short story, The Devohrah Initiative. It’s a tale that combines elements of high-tech horror with humor, and while the setting and topic are different, the tale is in the same vein as my popular freebie short story, Under Contract.

I wrote this book on a dare. The dare wasn’t personally directed at me, but was a general dare by Joe Konrath (which you can find here) to all independently-published writers to start having more fun with their careers.

The general concept was this: to write a story, edit and proof it by yourself, create your own cover, format the book, and upload it to, all in the space of a single work day. It’s a challenge that’s come to be known as the “eight-hour book challenge.”

Now, due to my odd schedule, I had to split the eight hour time limit over two evenings.

The first evening, I wrote my 3,500-word story, including using Google Earth and other resources to get details somewhat accurate. I also searched out an image I wanted to license for the cover on Shutterstock that night. I hit my four-hour window Saturday night, then waited until Sunday night to finish up.

On Sunday, I almost bit off more than I could chew.

Using the licensed image from Shutterstock, I built the cover in four sizes and my interior title page in just under an hour. Then I went over to Scrivener, compiled the story into an .rtf file, and then copy-pasted it into InDesign, where I could work on the formatting.

I brought in the necessary back matter and front matter elements, got it all squared away, began to export to Kindle … and my PC froze up. Fortunately, I had just saved my work in InDesign, but still, the clock was ticking…

After a hard reboot, I finished the job and uploaded the book to Amazon with only minutes remaining. I wrote the blurb on the fly.

It was a very near thing, and I almost gave up when my PC froze, but it was indeed fun. If you try out the story, which is an Amazon exclusive at this point, I hope you’ll agree. (And it’ll be free on Amazon between August 30 through September 3.)

The Devohrah Initiative is an idea that occurred to me as recent debates about government-controlled drones have been discussed. De-voh-rah, by the way, is a Hebrew word that means “bee.” It can also translate into the feminine name Deborah, since both words are derived from the same Hebrew root, dalet-bet-resh, although that’s largely peripheral to the story I’ve written.

Anyway, using the transliteration for the Hebrew word for “bee” fit into the story and allowed me to give the tale a title a bit less on-the-nose than “Plan Bee” or something like that.

So, there you have it. I’m not sure how often I’ll repeat this sort of eight-hour challenge, but it was nice to inject a sense of fun back into writing. I’ve spent almost a year and a half working on a long horror novel, so coming up with something I could get out on the market in under eight hours was definitely enjoyable.

Hope you find pleasure in the results.

SHADA cover reveal

Those of you who have been following me for a while know that I have been hard at work on my next release, a short novel known as SHADA, the first installment in the EMBER COLE series of young-adult paranormal suspense books. SHADA is on track currently for a September release, and will be introduced at the friendship price of only $0.99 in eBook format.

To help whet your appetites for the release of SHADA, I wanted all of you, my friends, to see the finalized cover for the book. The design is by Glendon Haddix of Streetlight Graphics and I believe he’s outdone himself once more. Take a look… and get your $0.99 ready, folks. It’s worth it just for the cover alone!

SHADA cover

The cover for SHADA was designed by Glendon Haddix of Streetlight Graphics.

LibraryThing Giveaway! And CreateSpace version pending!

Hey all.

Good news for those of you wanting to try out MOST LIKELY. I’m hosting a 50-copy eBook giveaway at LibraryThing! If you’re a member over there and signed up for Library Thing Member Giveaways, hop over and claim your copy!

The giveaway is designed to spread great word-of-mouth about MOST LIKELY, as well as celebrate the pending print debut of MOST LIKELY later this month, through CreateSpace. (I’ll be opting into the Expanded Distribution thing over there, so any bookstore will be able to order MOST LIKELY in print, once it’s up and available!)

The physical book will be in 6×9 format, on lovely cream paper, with Glendon Haddix of Streetlight Graphics handling the extended wrap-around cover design, building on the great work he already did on the eBook version. I’m hoping winners of the free copies will choose to review Most Likely on LibraryThing, as well as Amazon, Barnes and Noble and wherever else.

Solid progress is being made on SHADA, the first short novel in the EMBER series. More on that soon.

Interview appears in Seattle Post Intelligencer!

As I’m winding up my one-week blog tour in support of MOST LIKELY, I received a very pleasant surprise.

Indie.ebooks blog founder Nadine Earnshaw was kind enough to interview me for, part of the Technorati network somehow, which is a sort of syndicate that gets unique content out to newspapers and other media sources in the US and around the world.

I was quite pleased when Nadine offered me the opportunity for this interview, because just appearing on BlogCritics is an honor. But I was tipped off that the interview on Saturday was picked up by no less a media outlet than the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, which is basically the newspaper of record for Seattle residents.

It’s an especially fortuitous outlet for the interview, because my family and I will be moving to the Pacific Northwest in late August, and while we’re planning to be in Oregon, we’ll also be not that far away from Seattle.

Incredible exposure for MOST LIKELY and for me in general. Thanks again, Nadine! The interview was an honor for me to do even before this. The Seattle newspaper appearance is, well, the icing on the cake.

Most Likely in German… or is it?

No, I don’t have the entire book in German… at least not at this point.

But just for a laugh, and a potential courtesy to my readers, I have used Google Translate to attempt to put a free sample chapter of Most Likely in German.

If it’s bad German, well… I didn’t translate it.

But hopefully it gets the idea across!

Read it here.

New interview with me at 1st Author Interviews!

There is a brand new, very nice interview with me up at the new author blog, 1st Author Interviews. It’s a terrific interview site and features chats with plenty of other terrific indie authors, as well.

Show them your support by dropping by and browsing all their fascinating interviews. Then show some indie love by snapping up a few books from indie authors … and if one of those is MOST LIKELY, that’d be terrific, too!

MOST LIKELY Summer 2011 Blog Tour!

Thanks to Julie Ann Dawson of Positive Publishing Perspectives, I’m pleased to announce that later this month, I will be taking part in a five-stop book tour in support of MOST LIKELY, my recently-released young adult novel available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords.

Here is the tentative schedule, which begins June 20 and runs through June 24. Be sure to join me for the entire week of MOST LIKELY fun!

June 20, 2011: I’ll be doing a guest-post on T.L. Haddix’s blog.

June 21, 2011: Ten Random Facts feature at Bards and Sages.

June 22, 2011: Book excerpt at Speak Without Interruption.

June 23, 2011: Guest post on indie publishing at Prissy Fit.

June 24, 2011: Author interview at Jerry’s Writing Corner.

June 26, 2011: Author interview at’s Books blog courtesy interviewer Nadine Earnshaw.

It’s going to be a fun tour, and be sure to check back here for any last-minute changes. Join us for the entire week!

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