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Monthly Archives: October 2010
Shall Arise First at Zombiepalooza

Amanda Hocking’s Zombiepalooza event, running all this month in celebration of her publication on Kindle of her zombie novel, Hollowland, includes a post by yours truly that just went live!

My contribution to Amanda’s event is a short story called SHALL ARISE FIRST. Click over and enjoy!

OK, OK, I’m now on Twitter

Everyone and their Irish grandmother is telling me that to really succeed at this independent author thing, you have to maximize your use of the social networking stuff. I’m hesitant to go back to Facebook, because it’s too easy to waste time there, though I imagine at some point I may have to put up a page there.

But here’s the compromise: I’m on Twitter now. In fact, you can even see it on the right-hand side of my page, if you scroll down a bit. So let’s see how that works. I can’t promise to be a frequent Tweeter. And I’m careful about what I put out there. But I’ll give it a try.

If it works, well, maybe I will put up a Facebook presence. But I’m not joining ANY games over there ever again. My writing and prayer time is too important to me.

NaNoWriMo Announcement!

It’s official. I’ve decided to participate in the 2010 National Novel Writing Month competition this year. It’s a great event that most people come to refer to as NaNoWriMo because… well, our society just hates formality and long names. Really.

For those of you who want to check in on me over there, here’s my NaNoWriMo profile.

I have a lot of books in the works right now, but NaNoWriMo is all about starting a new project (or re-starting an abandoned project from scratch) and just pushing ahead nonstop for thirty days in an attempt to produce at least 50,000 words… a workable first draft that you can then spend time AFTER it’s written cleaning up.

It forces a person to turn off their internal editor and just produce. And that will be good for me.

So I’m not working on my Torah stuff or my Parables book or even my mystery novel! Instead, I’m dusting off an old concept I had once upon a time for a comic book/graphic novel. I have much of the story outlined, including a series bible, and I did write one twenty-two-page issue of it once upon a time… but since the artist never showed me more than a character sketch or three, it died on the vine.

I’ve never tried it as a novel, so that makes it the perfect quick-start NaNoWriMo project for me.

The story is about a high school girl with plenty of problems and when she finds out she has some extraordinary abilities, it’s more of a distraction and a pain in the rear for her than anything. She doesn’t don tights or fight crime… she lives in remote northwestern Wisconsin, after all, not New York City!

Yet her newfound powers get her in trouble and raise deeper questions for her; and forces beyond her control may push her toward dealing with her abilities whether she wants to or not!

So it’s a cross between a superhero story, suspense, and dark paranormal stuff.

Sure, it might seem like an odd project for a person studying to be a Messianic rabbi. But who ever said a person who’s serious about God and faith can’t be creative?

So I call my NaNoWriMo project EMBER. It’ll be a fun ride, and once I figure out all the widgets and stuff available from NaNoWriMo, I’ll try to have a little widget up here on my blog so that you can all track my progress through the month of November!

Time to liven things up over here

OK, so I’ll admit I haven’t done much here in the first three months of my new site. That’s because I’ve been writing. It could get silent like this from time to time but I’ve decided that I need to start putting up some content here or, once I do get some of my books published and available on Kindle and Nook, I’ll be known as, “that author with the most dead, boring Web site ever!”

And we don’t want that, do we?

Do we?

Umm… never mind.

Anyway, I wanted to take this opportunity to say that you can expect more bursts of content from now on. I’m still deciding how I want to utilize my author’s site. It needs to be different from my writing and Kindle-focused blog, And I don’t want to duplicate content because I just hate that.

So I’m going to use this site as more of a diary of my own writing life, and see how that goes. The next couple posts will give you more of an idea of how that’s gonna look.

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